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Played Challenges

Whitespace, empty lines and tabs - 2678 entries

Convert tabs to spaces, strip empty lines and trailing whitespace.

  • Best score: 16
  • Best player score: 35
  • Number of attempts: 1
abcd > a b c d - 245 entries

transform the single spaces into 4 spaces repeat for each line

  • Best score: 15
  • Best player score: 15
  • Number of attempts: 1
Kohei Ito

仙台出身東京在住のろう者。 フリーランスでWeb屋やってます。しかくの中の人。 |Web|PHP|Vim|Deaf|手話|ドラゴンボール|カメラ|旅|世界遺産|モーグル|麻雀|モンハン|数独|甘酒|白くま

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