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Collect List - 4128 entries

Convert to comma separated list.

  • Best score: 12
  • Best player score: 12
  • Number of attempts: 4
Letter case trickery - 1507 entries

This file is in a downright esoteric format, consisting of hexadecimal numbers, non-hexadecimal keywords, and "Z" indicating end-of-line. Make the hexadecimal numbers lowercase.

  • Best score: 9
  • Best player score: 11
  • Number of attempts: 5
Words in parens - 12640 entries

We should all ace this, right?

  • Best score: 13
  • Best player score: 17
  • Number of attempts: 1
오종빈(Jongbin Oh)

오예클라우디/게임 클라이언트/게임 엔진/사진/무간도 스타일의 둥근 탁자/조언가보단 실천가를 꿈꾼다/c++/clojure/vim/emacs

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