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Played Challenges

RUST match with enum for Coin - 92 entries

RUST match with enum for Coin rusty practice on vimgolf

  • Best score: 85
  • Best player score: 116
  • Number of attempts: 2
Change double quotes to single quotes, but with a twist - 188 entries

Although this challenge is in the context of a Python function, you don't need to know Python to do this challenge. It is to add contexts and interesting constraints. The file contains a function that prints a multi-line string literal. I wrote the string literal with double quotes, but then I decided to use single quotes instead, and that's your challenge. However, interestingly enough, the string itself contains single and double quotes. This means, inside the string literal, the originally escaped double quotes no longer need to be escaped, but the single quotes now need to be escaped. Note that the triple double quotes in the docstring should be left alone.

  • Best score: 22
  • Best player score: 24
  • Number of attempts: 8
Rural Post - 3654 entries

Simple challenge to remove all but the post code on each line

  • Best score: 9
  • Best player score: 10
  • Number of attempts: 4
Satisfy the go linter - 1468 entries

You just came up with this briliant go vars package. But dang, you forgot to add comments to the exported variables. Can you add a comment over each variable with a TODO-placeholder?

  • Best score: 20
  • Best player score: 27
  • Number of attempts: 2
Simple, Practical, and Common - 32691 entries

Simple things we do all the time should be able to be done with very few keystrokes, but sometimes I find something I need to do makes me go, "There MUST be a better way." This challenge is just a simple movement and entering text at a certain place.

  • Best score: 22
  • Best player score: 22
  • Number of attempts: 6
Hogwarts Email Sorting - 769 entries

Given a list of emails, get the students full name and their associated house.

  • Best score: 20
  • Best player score: 23
  • Number of attempts: 2
prepend * to every non-blank line - 5736 entries

Prepend an asterisk to every non-blank line in the input file.

  • Best score: 10
  • Best player score: 10
  • Number of attempts: 5
Quote modules - 969 entries

Complete golang import statement.

  • Best score: 21
  • Best player score: 22
  • Number of attempts: 9
Aliases for cd - 778 entries

Create these beautiful aliases with as few strokes as possible. Are you up for the challenge?

  • Best score: 30
  • Best player score: 66
  • Number of attempts: 1
Add semicolons - 10410 entries

Simply add a semicolon at the end of each line

  • Best score: 10
  • Best player score: 11
  • Number of attempts: 2
Box it - 7606 entries

Create a box around a line.

  • Best score: 21
  • Best player score: 21
  • Number of attempts: 12
Two pairs of cluster of letters creates word - 682 entries

Clean and group.

  • Best score: 17
  • Best player score: 45
  • Number of attempts: 1
Flip the bit - 92 entries

Change the specific 0 to a 1.

  • Best score: 8
  • Best player score: 8
  • Number of attempts: 1
I forgot quotes - 15637 entries


  • Best score: 10
  • Best player score: 12
  • Number of attempts: 6
Almost encrypted - 176 entries

Convert the first paragraph to be even less readable.

  • Best score: 5
  • Best player score: 6
  • Number of attempts: 2

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