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Played Challenges

Split the words - 345 entries

Add the spaces manually if you must, but if you use Vim's spell checking feature wisely, I think you'll save a LARGE number of strokes.

  • Best score: 18
  • Best player score: 27
  • Number of attempts: 7
attr_aligner - 3246 entries

Two attr keywords. Two separate indentations. Align the colons.

  • Best score: 19
  • Best player score: 28
  • Number of attempts: 7
Simple text editing with Vim - 11091 entries

Make the pairs of lines match up by making each second line same as first

  • Best score: 13
  • Best player score: 13
  • Number of attempts: 15
Words in parens - 12133 entries

We should all ace this, right?

  • Best score: 14
  • Best player score: 14
  • Number of attempts: 12

意識低いプログラマ, Perl大好き,Testはじめました, Chef,チェンクロ,フリーランス7年目。 背景は友達からのもらいもの。 座右の銘:「明日から本気出す」 好きな言葉:「働きたくないでござる」

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