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Played Challenges

Presidential Sorting - 47 entries

Given a nice CSV formatted arrangement of the Presidents of the United States, we need to print out an alphabetical list in pretty columns. Prove that vim can conquer this basic Excel task!

  • Best score: 40
  • Best player score: 49
  • Position: #14 / 22
  • Number of attempts: 1
The name of the game - 638 entries

End up with the name of the game.

  • Best score: 11
  • Best player score: 11
  • Position: #60 / 350
  • Number of attempts: 1

IYH! CR-Z プログラム お絵描き お菓子作り カラオケ ギター練習 ミクさん むぎゅう イリヤ 銀髪 妖精さん iPhone ThinkPad TrackPoint Vim Cygwin Debian Firefox CompactMenu2 PS3 PSP Vita 終電

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