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$ gem install vimgolf
$ vimgolf setup
$ vimgolf put 56ef78d9f604b51ec4007b8d

Scrambled numbers

Four is NOT 1. One is 1.

Start file
Four is 1.
One is 2.
Five is 3.
Three is 4.
Six is 5.
Two is 6.
End file
One is 1.
Two is 2.
Three is 3.
Four is 4.
Five is 5.
Six is 6.

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This one's pretty tough!
At least I hope it is.
Before posting, I have an 18.


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#181 Paul Jones / @thepauljones - Score: 61 - 06/25/18 @ 13:08
diw<Esc>4jkPldt k^Pdt uldt 2j^Pldt j^Pldt 2GPldt k^Pli ^<BS><Esc>^z<Esc>hxZZ


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#181 - Paul Jones / @thepauljones

06/25/2018 at 01:08PM