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Played Challenges

Increment number for every 10 lines - 20 entries

The file consists of 2 columns (code and percentage). We need to add 2 more columns with increasing number for 4th column (Xcols) and increment 3rd column (Ycols) only for every 10 lines with reset of 4th column

  • Best score: 26
  • Best player score: 39
  • Number of attempts: 2
simple replacements - 340 entries

The goal is to see the replacement commands in action.

  • Best score: 19
  • Best player score: 24
  • Number of attempts: 3
Inverting Lines - 550 entries

A simple challenge to invert all lines, except the first.

  • Best score: 10
  • Best player score: 14
  • Number of attempts: 3
Generate a very basic Python constructor - 46 entries

I actually needed to do this myself, so I look forward to learning how.

  • Best score: 38
  • Best player score: 50
  • Number of attempts: 1
Python dataclasses - 175 entries

Simple challenge to extract fields from a Python class

  • Best score: 19
  • Best player score: 24
  • Number of attempts: 6
Add quotes to ansible playbook - 487 entries

You created an ansible playbook, but forgot to add quotes. Can you fix it?

  • Best score: 8
  • Best player score: 10
  • Number of attempts: 5
Simple, Practical, and Common - 32691 entries

Simple things we do all the time should be able to be done with very few keystrokes, but sometimes I find something I need to do makes me go, "There MUST be a better way." This challenge is just a simple movement and entering text at a certain place.

  • Best score: 22
  • Best player score: 31
  • Number of attempts: 1
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