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Open VimGolf challenges

Rural Post - 1528 entries

Simple challenge to remove all but the post code on each line

prepend * to every non-blank line - 4485 entries

Prepend an asterisk to every non-blank line in the input file.

ssh config skills - 25 entries

Parse output from `kuebctl get no -o wide` into an .ssh/config file!

Add semicolons - 9022 entries

Simply add a semicolon at the end of each line

Simple, Practical, and Common - 31370 entries

Simple things we do all the time should be able to be done with very few keystrokes, but sometimes I find something I need to do makes me go, "There MUST be a better way." This challenge is just a simple movement and entering text at a certain place.

Satisfy the go linter - 902 entries

You just came up with this briliant go vars package. But dang, you forgot to add comments to the exported variables. Can you add a comment over each variable with a TODO-placeholder?

Box it - 6858 entries

Create a box around a line.

One number per line - 17298 entries

Just give me the numbers.

I forgot quotes - 14996 entries


Yo To Hello - 642 entries

Simply Turn Yo To Hello

Just the middle - 10727 entries

Delete the instructions at the top and bottom.

remove lines containing the word "reader" - 3177 entries

easy stuff

Replace pattern with 1, 2, 3, ... on each line - 622 entries

For each line replace a search pattern (in this case $) with numbers starting at 1 and then increasing by 1 for each replaced match. a$b$c$ -> a0b1c2

Words in parens - 12303 entries

We should all ace this, right?

Line under headers - 1631 entries

Put a line under each header, and remove the other markdown formatting.

A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 ! - 10271 entries


Com(m)a Trouble - 2984 entries

Someone was real stupid when placing his commas. Can you fix it?

Bad Copy Syntax - 1738 entries

Copy should be from right to left, but sometimes you type it wrong.

From a Thunderlink to a Markdown link - 466 entries

ThunderLinks are durable hyperlinks to specific email messages generated from Thunderbird in HTML format. Leverage the power of vim to make them suitable for a markdown-formatted file.

Vice versa - 7085 entries

Little role switching.

Add quotes to ansible playbook - 287 entries

You created an ansible playbook, but forgot to add quotes. Can you fix it?

xrandr outputs and dashes - 380 entries

uh oh, different video drivers identify display outputs with more dashes. Quick, need to change this xrandr script!

Applying same text modification in several lines - 2565 entries

Remove identical text at the beginning of several lines and the closing parenthesis.

Change double quotes to single quotes, but with a twist - 102 entries

Although this challenge is in the context of a Python function, you don't need to know Python to do this challenge. It is to add contexts and interesting constraints. The file contains a function that prints a multi-line string literal. I wrote the string literal with double quotes, but then I decided to use single quotes instead, and that's your challenge. However, interestingly enough, the string itself contains single and double quotes. This means, inside the string literal, the originally escaped double quotes no longer need to be escaped, but the single quotes now need to be escaped. Note that the triple double quotes in the docstring should be left alone.

Quote modules - 799 entries

Complete golang import statement.

Simple text editing with Vim - 11156 entries

Make the pairs of lines match up by making each second line same as first

One to Ten - 1846 entries

Generate the sequence of numbers from 1 to 10, one number per line. Inspired by this Reddit thread:

Swap values inside brackets - 2260 entries

Easy challenge.

Swap values - 4261 entries

Well, swap the values...

Hogwarts Email Sorting - 632 entries

Given a list of emails, get the students full name and their associated house.

Basic renumbering - 5246 entries

Renumbering Basic.

Get mail address from outlook format - 424 entries

Create a mail list space separated of mail list formatted by outlook

Aliases for cd - 575 entries

Create these beautiful aliases with as few strokes as possible. Are you up for the challenge?

SCREAMING_SNAKE_CASE to Title Case - 877 entries

Convert strings in SCREAMING_SNAKE_CASE to Title Case. Examples: EMPLOYEE_NAME -> Employee Name REVENUE_YEAR_TO_DATE -> Revenue Year To Date SALARY -> Salary

Multiline to Single Line - 178 entries

Convert a multiline, indented file to a single line with no whitespace

Collect List - 4008 entries

Convert to comma separated list.

ninja substitution - 1089 entries

How can you reuse a previous substitution ?

V to the i - 4470 entries

Input is 99 V's. Output is 100 i's.

Reorder the groups - 950 entries

Change the order so that the groups of fruit come before the vegetables.

Array transposition - 2088 entries

Transpose two arrays into one.

Every other line - 2622 entries


Add string initializers to an enum - 675 entries

Change Typescript enum so that it has string initializers.

Unsemantic linewrapping - 700 entries

[Inspired by a blog post I read: Text adapted.] Sometimes when editing a Markdown file, I wrap the lines semantically. Instead of inserting a newline at 70 columns (or whatever), or making paragraphs one long line, I put in newlines at a point that seems logical to me. This may seem silly, but it produces better diffs. Semantic linewrapping also makes editing snappier. I can delete, edit or insert sentences easily using linewise operations. Code-oriented text editors like Vim and [REDACTED] are really good at this kind of manipulation. Editing text that hasn't been wrapped semantically is a pain, though:

Copy three lines - 2580 entries

If the site is up (by some miracle), make the text under every header identical.

Reformat/Refactor a Golfer Class - 5715 entries

A simple case of removing unneeded code and fixing broken indentation.

Team names - 1680 entries

The team names are misspelled.

switch variable - 4745 entries

how fast can you switch two variable ?

Alphabet soup - 195 entries

Create a column of all alphabet characters organized in a funky way

Increment each number - 818 entries

Increment each number individually by one

-a-b-c- - 2960 entries

Put hyphens everywhere.

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