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Open VimGolf challenges

simple format - 172 entries

make it look better.

Simple, Practical, and Common - 20861 entries

Simple things we do all the time should be able to be done with very few keystrokes, but sometimes I find something I need to do makes me go, "There MUST be a better way." This challenge is just a simple movement and entering text at a certain place.

Applying same text modification in several lines - 595 entries

Remove identical text at the beginning of several lines and the closing parenthesis.

Simple format (2) - 30 entries

try again!

One number per line - 10276 entries

Just give me the numbers.

Com(m)a Trouble - 571 entries

Someone was real stupid when placing his commas. Can you fix it?

Swap values inside brackets - 760 entries

Easy challenge.

I forgot quotes - 10040 entries


Just the middle - 8429 entries

Delete the instructions at the top and bottom.

Words in parens - 10287 entries

We should all ace this, right?

A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 ! - 9017 entries


Vice versa - 5300 entries

Little role switching.

convert yml into java pojo field - 417 entries

How fast vim can create fields for java pojo i.e class declaration referring to a (simple) yml file

Simple text editing with Vim - 9868 entries

Make the pairs of lines match up by making each second line same as first

Team names - 1193 entries

The team names are misspelled.

Swap values - 3076 entries

Well, swap the values...

Basic renumbering - 4076 entries

Renumbering Basic.

Collect List - 3124 entries

Convert to comma separated list.

Array transposition - 1241 entries

Transpose two arrays into one.

Preferably without multi-cursor plugin - 144 entries

Originally asked as question on reddit by kpthunder:

V to the i - 3499 entries

Input is 99 V's. Output is 100 i's.

Every other line - 1764 entries


multiple cursor alternative - 863 entries


Copy three lines - 1672 entries

If the site is up (by some miracle), make the text under every header identical.

From argument to object - 991 entries

This task typifies those programmers endure while coding. This C-family pseudocode needs a function argument to be repurposed as an object call. Simply search and replace? Repeat a pattern of edits?

Reformat/Refactor a Golfer Class - 5335 entries

A simple case of removing unneeded code and fixing broken indentation.

Split line with dots - 1685 entries

This line is too long, split it.

switch variable - 4069 entries

how fast can you switch two variable ?

Swap the operands under comparison - 164 entries

Swap the operands under comparison to prevent null pointer exception (at least in java)

-a-b-c- - 2325 entries

Put hyphens everywhere.

attr_aligner - 2779 entries

Two attr keywords. Two separate indentations. Align the colons.

Array Transposition - 110 entries

Transpose four arrays into two.

quotes inside quotes - 2632 entries

taken from tip 85 of the very good book 'Practical Vim: Edit Text at the Speed of Thought' ! I'd be interested what people use :)

Learn some german verbs - 316 entries

The list needs to be structured so we can print in verbatim and feel ok about how it looks.

Search and Replace 0 - 3819 entries

Replace every instance of 'aaa' with 'xaaax'.

That hyphen - 1841 entries

"vim vi improved"

comment and uncomment code inline - 621 entries

It's very useful to be able to comment out a block of code in a quick edit. And likewise to uncomment the code. This operation often involves multi-line stanzas and even large blocks. With just line-wise navigation and insert mode this would cost you about 4 keystrokes per line. Master this hole of VimGolf and you'll quickly drop your key count in day to day Vim as well.

Adam's challenge - 632 entries

Change both normal to bold and 4 by 2. Adam Wathan challenge this on twitter . He did it in 11 keystrokes on Sublime.

Missing Library and a Typo - 573 entries

I forgot to add a c library, please add it for me. Also I'm bad at typing so fix my typo too.

Extract argument from function - 1791 entries

The aim is to see if you can do some refactoring very fast.

Fiddle percentages into real numbers - 664 entries

Get rid of the '%' symbols and shift the decimal place. This is the easier version - all the columns line up.

Number Sort - 180 entries

sort the list of newline-separated numbers incrementally. Numbers are in the range 1 to 1000, with 500 missing

Don't know what this is - 1571 entries

Replace contents of brackets with matching number of spaces. Don't ask what the format's supposed to be.

replacing each line of a block selection - 2374 entries

replace each line's ../assets/js with /javascripts

Space out the alphabet - 1251 entries

Put 3 spaces between adjacent letters.

Order and join - 660 entries

There's something special about the input order.

Whitespace, empty lines and tabs - 2488 entries

Convert tabs to spaces, strip empty lines and trailing whitespace.

Vertical Limit - 1995 entries

transform a succession of one word lines to a an array of strings

comments galore - 854 entries

Basic comment reformatting

Saving the hashes(#) - 1666 entries

The following file is copied from only for learning purpose,hope the site owner doesn't mind it), its probably the easiest of challenges.Our goal is to delete every line which doesn't contain a hash signs. The remaining hash signs with numbers are then sorted to get the final output.

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