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Open VimGolf challenges

delete swap - 27 entries

delete all swap

Generate a very basic Python constructor (fixed) - 375 entries

Original by @BiddulphCaleb ( - had some extra spaces in output file.

Fix the shell script! - 738 entries

Fix the shell script with the fewest keystrokes!

Visual block training - 305 entries

You see the input. You see the output. Go.

Innocent Monster - 101 entries

You have the tools, just create him!

Put a newline after every 10 lines in vim - 816 entries

Goal is to put a newline after every 10 lines in vim.

Java to JavaScript - 132 entries

Let convert some simple Java file to JavaScript!

Wikitext headings to markdown - 522 entries

Convert the wikitext headings to markdown.

hello-world-vimgolf - 1390 entries

Simple number generation

Contribute to keyboard mashing - 572 entries

Speak in tongues

Reordering Lorem Ipsum - 178 entries

Who even sorted this?

Solve anagram with ASCII letters - 26 entries

ASCII created by TOIlet command

Fill in the chess board - 465 entries

Fill in the name of each square using its file (a-h) and rank (1-8).

Learn to ask for :help - 360 entries

Learn to use the help to reduce your strokes...

Plotting some variables in python - 1111 entries

4 sets of (x,y) variables to plot. Just increment the numbers! Well, let's change the colors of the lines as well. Oh and we meant to plot the absolute values of course.

Transpose a python matrix - 523 entries

Rotate the matrix in 90 degrees.

Create a diamond comment - 215 entries

Encapsulate the text in a diamond pattern.

Lowercase first characters - 316 entries

This is the (abridged) input for Day 3 in Advent of Code 2019. The output is a format more suitable for Prolog programming: the two lines of input become two lists of pairs, joined together in a wires functor.

Make list of numbers from 1 to 30 more compact, but more confusing - 75 entries

Change the naming logic of numbers to end up with less lines.

Write Hello World in the 'i use arch btw' -programming language - 20 entries

> "I use Arch btw" is an esoteric programming language based on Brainfuck in which the Brainfuck commands have been replaced with the following keywords: i, use, arch, linux, btw, by, the, way.

Migrated to Postgres! - 200 entries

Celebration completion of this project.

Increment number for every 10 lines - 151 entries

The file consists of 2 columns (code and percentage). We need to add 2 more columns with increasing number for 4th column (Xcols) and increment 3rd column (Ycols) only for every 10 lines with reset of 4th column

simple replacements - 1006 entries

The goal is to see the replacement commands in action.

Inverting Lines - 1261 entries

A simple challenge to invert all lines, except the first.

CSV to MD format - 276 entries

To convert a CSV list to Markdown list

Generate a very basic Python constructor - 268 entries

I actually needed to do this myself, so I look forward to learning how.

Python dataclasses - 629 entries

Simple challenge to extract fields from a Python class

Count to 100 in word form - 52 entries

Write all the numbers from 1 to 100, using their word forms rather than the digit form. Most of the parts you will need are included in the input file. Use hyphens when appropriate.

RUST HTML to maud. - 15 entries

RUST HTML to maud. maud is one of the template engines for server-side rendering based on rust. rusty practice on vimgolf

RUST Cargo.toml version to last - 212 entries

RUST Cargo.toml version to last. rusty practice on vimgolf

대법원 인명용 한자 바인딩(Combine Hangul and Chinese characters) - 17 entries

The character system of Chinese characters has caused difficulties in character encoding for a long time. The content is to link the Korean name and the corresponding Chinese character. input is simply pasted Chinese table, and you need to make it in json format. Most of them are omitted because there are too many Chinese characters, but I think it's better to work from "가" to "힐". There are a few rules here. 1. One Hangul must correspond to multiple Chinese characters. 2. In the case of "a(b c)", "a" is a redundant Chinese character, so you must remove "a" and use only "b c". 3. There are some characters here that don't appear to be an encoding issue, but they should all be used. 4. Should follow json format, Chinese characters are arrays. 문자인코딩의 역사속에서 한문은 여러가지 난제를 만들어왔습니다. 이 문제는 대법원 인명용 한자를 바인딩하는 것입니다. input은 단순히 인명용한자 표를 붙여넣기 한 것이며, 이것을 json형식으로 만들어야합니다. 한자가 너무 많은 관계로 대부분을 생략하였으나, 기본적으로 "가"부터 "힐"까지 모두 동작하는 것이 좋다고 생각합니다. 여기에는 몇가지 규칙이 있습니다. 1. 한글 하나에는 여러개의 한자가 대응합니다. 2. "a(b c)"같은 경우 "a"는 중복된 한자이므로, "a"를 제거하고 "b c"만을 사용해야합니다. 3. 몇몇 한자는 인코딩의 문제로 보이지 않을 수 있습니다. 그러나 모두 사용해야합니다. 4. json형식을 따르며, 한자는 배열입니다.

RUST match with enum for Coin - 143 entries

RUST match with enum for Coin rusty practice on vimgolf

Making 3 line function a one liner. - 142 entries

Simple challenge for frequent action while programming.

Modernise code - 805 entries

Modernise and clean up some C++ code.

Staircase - 25 entries

Going downstairs, while singing the alphabet song. Some vb practice to us all. Would it be much easier to make it go from left to right instead?

vimtutor, but you can cheat - 14 entries

It's time to revisit vimtutor, but as an experienced Vim user! Your goal is to change the file to appear as if you had gone through the tutorial, but you do NOT need to actually complete the tutorial as written or do anything that doesn't result in changes to the file. You may use whatever you have in your Vim toolbelt that's allowed under VimGolf rules. The whole tutorial is too large to submit, so only the relevant lesson headers and associated practice lines are presented in this challenge. You will have to reference the tutor for the original instructions if you need them:

Enumerate Bullets - 168 entries

We will need to refer to the bullet points in our document explicitly later, so we need to assign them some ID's!

Put a cross in the square - 111 entries

Put a cross in the square

swap number pairs - 1399 entries

Swap the numbers in a bunch of 2-element arrays.

HS Final exam vimgolf - 630 entries

Change the initial file to a single line containing all names comma-separated with numbers inside parentheses.

Extend shell script - 81 entries

Just add some more stuff

Easy modification of ssh config - 185 entries

Just add another alias to each worker

ssh config skills - 191 entries

Parse output from `kuebctl get no -o wide` into an .ssh/config file!

Change double quotes to single quotes, but with a twist - 240 entries

Although this challenge is in the context of a Python function, you don't need to know Python to do this challenge. It is to add contexts and interesting constraints. The file contains a function that prints a multi-line string literal. I wrote the string literal with double quotes, but then I decided to use single quotes instead, and that's your challenge. However, interestingly enough, the string itself contains single and double quotes. This means, inside the string literal, the originally escaped double quotes no longer need to be escaped, but the single quotes now need to be escaped. Note that the triple double quotes in the docstring should be left alone.

C to python code snippet - 58 entries

C code can be easily translated into Python code. However, the difference in syntax can make this process tedious and time-consuming. Can Vim help you here?

Mr. Hacker - 46 entries

Elvin is hacker. He has piece of users database from some social net site. Recently he installed Vim, and he wants to convert CSV DB to specific format `key=value' where `key' is login and `value' is password, but password in DB is encrypted in ROT13. Help him.

Python: Def to Lambda - 342 entries


Turn the x - 243 entries

Turn the x to a +

Format the CSS - 90 entries

You just copied some CSS color names from the web and need to add them to your python module. Create the COLORS variable and assign a dict() with the names as keys and hex-colors as values. BEWARE OF THE TABS!!

Rural Post - 4072 entries

Simple challenge to remove all but the post code on each line

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