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Open VimGolf challenges

simple format - 665 entries

make it look better.

Simple, Practical, and Common - 21276 entries

Simple things we do all the time should be able to be done with very few keystrokes, but sometimes I find something I need to do makes me go, "There MUST be a better way." This challenge is just a simple movement and entering text at a certain place.

Applying same text modification in several lines - 805 entries

Remove identical text at the beginning of several lines and the closing parenthesis.

One number per line - 10553 entries

Just give me the numbers.

Com(m)a Trouble - 694 entries

Someone was real stupid when placing his commas. Can you fix it?

Swap values inside brackets - 872 entries

Easy challenge.

I forgot quotes - 10188 entries


Just the middle - 8498 entries

Delete the instructions at the top and bottom.

unknown command - 59 entries

I want change 5 words

Words in parens - 10377 entries

We should all ace this, right?

A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 ! - 9102 entries


Vice versa - 5393 entries

Little role switching.

convert yml into java pojo field - 472 entries

How fast vim can create fields for java pojo i.e class declaration referring to a (simple) yml file

Simple format (2) - 97 entries

try again!

Simple text editing with Vim - 9941 entries

Make the pairs of lines match up by making each second line same as first

Team names - 1233 entries

The team names are misspelled.

Swap values - 3159 entries

Well, swap the values...

Basic renumbering - 4151 entries

Renumbering Basic.

Collect List - 3168 entries

Convert to comma separated list.

Array transposition - 1300 entries

Transpose two arrays into one.

V to the i - 3566 entries

Input is 99 V's. Output is 100 i's.

Every other line - 1807 entries


Preferably without multi-cursor plugin - 167 entries

Originally asked as question on reddit by kpthunder:

Copy three lines - 1715 entries

If the site is up (by some miracle), make the text under every header identical.

multiple cursor alternative - 892 entries


Reformat/Refactor a Golfer Class - 5358 entries

A simple case of removing unneeded code and fixing broken indentation.

From argument to object - 1008 entries

This task typifies those programmers endure while coding. This C-family pseudocode needs a function argument to be repurposed as an object call. Simply search and replace? Repeat a pattern of edits?

Split line with dots - 1715 entries

This line is too long, split it.

simple format (3) - 30 entries

reverse two column values!

switch variable - 4099 entries

how fast can you switch two variable ?

-a-b-c- - 2368 entries

Put hyphens everywhere.

attr_aligner - 2795 entries

Two attr keywords. Two separate indentations. Align the colons.

Swap the operands under comparison - 172 entries

Swap the operands under comparison to prevent null pointer exception (at least in java)

quotes inside quotes - 2647 entries

taken from tip 85 of the very good book 'Practical Vim: Edit Text at the Speed of Thought' ! I'd be interested what people use :)

Search and Replace 0 - 3841 entries

Replace every instance of 'aaa' with 'xaaax'.

Learn some german verbs - 326 entries

The list needs to be structured so we can print in verbatim and feel ok about how it looks.

That hyphen - 1859 entries

"vim vi improved"

Array Transposition - 120 entries

Transpose four arrays into two.

Missing Library and a Typo - 597 entries

I forgot to add a c library, please add it for me. Also I'm bad at typing so fix my typo too.

comment and uncomment code inline - 630 entries

It's very useful to be able to comment out a block of code in a quick edit. And likewise to uncomment the code. This operation often involves multi-line stanzas and even large blocks. With just line-wise navigation and insert mode this would cost you about 4 keystrokes per line. Master this hole of VimGolf and you'll quickly drop your key count in day to day Vim as well.

Adam's challenge - 639 entries

Change both normal to bold and 4 by 2. Adam Wathan challenge this on twitter . He did it in 11 keystrokes on Sublime.

Extract argument from function - 1816 entries

The aim is to see if you can do some refactoring very fast.

Fiddle percentages into real numbers - 668 entries

Get rid of the '%' symbols and shift the decimal place. This is the easier version - all the columns line up.

Don't know what this is - 1606 entries

Replace contents of brackets with matching number of spaces. Don't ask what the format's supposed to be.

Number Sort - 195 entries

sort the list of newline-separated numbers incrementally. Numbers are in the range 1 to 1000, with 500 missing

replacing each line of a block selection - 2398 entries

replace each line's ../assets/js with /javascripts

Order and join - 695 entries

There's something special about the input order.

Space out the alphabet - 1274 entries

Put 3 spaces between adjacent letters.

Vertical Limit - 2032 entries

transform a succession of one word lines to a an array of strings

Whitespace, empty lines and tabs - 2508 entries

Convert tabs to spaces, strip empty lines and trailing whitespace.

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