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Played Challenges

Pick and sort servers from mirror list - 362 entries

Retrieve the primary server for each country from a mirror list file and organize them alphabetically by country name. Given a mirror list file containing server information for various countries, the objective is to extract the primary server from each country and then arrange these servers in alphabetical order based on the respective country names.

  • Best score: 28
  • Best player score: 29
  • Position: #8 / 78
  • Number of attempts: 14
Populate 3D bone names list - 488 entries

Ran into this at work, excited to see how this gets optimized

  • Best score: 21
  • Best player score: 22
  • Position: #39 / 133
  • Number of attempts: 6
Find fix point of cos - 1169 entries

Write a function to find the fix point of cos. It is not a good code; It is just to use vim. Inspired by the excellent about the Y combinator.

  • Best score: 14
  • Best player score: 14
  • Position: #45 / 355
  • Number of attempts: 2
Paste a column after a column - 2367 entries

This task is very common while using multi-cursor. What is the elegant vim way ?

  • Best score: 14
  • Best player score: 16
  • Position: #173 / 514
  • Number of attempts: 8

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