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Open VimGolf challenges

Replace word while reserving first letter case - 47 entries

Window -> Door window -> door Windows -> Windows windows -> windows

months to html list items - 84 entries

Turn the months into list items.

Instance creation in Verilog - 10 entries

Creating an instance of a module is a very frequent task in Verilog. Let's see how efficiently can it be done

Quicksort - 1231 entries

We need the numbers in the first row sorted as quickly as possible! Be careful not to disturb the data below the divider though: that must remain unchanged.

EDN reformat - 829 entries

The goal is to make the code more readable and concise while maintaining its functionality.

Tic-Tac-Toe Grid Transformation - 262 entries

Your mission is to efficiently convert the original Tic-Tac-Toe grid, represented by 'x's and 'o's, into a neat and well-organized game board.

Pick and sort servers from mirror list - 276 entries

Retrieve the primary server for each country from a mirror list file and organize them alphabetically by country name. Given a mirror list file containing server information for various countries, the objective is to extract the primary server from each country and then arrange these servers in alphabetical order based on the respective country names.

Populate 3D bone names list - 344 entries

Ran into this at work, excited to see how this gets optimized

Remove line numbers - 396 entries


Find fix point of cos - 1000 entries

Write a function to find the fix point of cos. It is not a good code; It is just to use vim. Inspired by the excellent about the Y combinator.

Insert column data on Confluence-style table - 411 entries

Add ip addresses into new "IP" column based on the last digits from the "Server" column

Surround the 'z' character with brackets, quotes, and print as formatted string. - 445 entries

Surround the 'z' character with brackets, quotes, and print as formatted string.

Easier Align - 257 entries

Align the columns of a markdown table

Paste a column after a column - 2093 entries

This task is very common while using multi-cursor. What is the elegant vim way ?

Filter number combinations that don't add to 11 - 341 entries

Append the sum of each line to its end, alongside an equals sign, and remove any that do not sum to 11. The ordering of lines should stay the same. Note that the combinations are semi-arbitrary and not all 4-number combinations are present in the file.

Tabbed Table to Python Array - 602 entries

Not payed by the hour? So make it fast ;-) The table contains the relative occurencies of bigrams (two consecutive letters) in 1/100,000 in the german language, copy-pasted from

HS exam question - 1410 entries

Convert the data to a python dictionary

Reformat symbols in list - 1390 entries

Saw this in some lecture, easy reformatting using multiple cursor in VS Code

Fizzbuzz - 485 entries

type the first 100 lines of the fizzbuzz problem

Substraction (bis) - 534 entries

Solve the equations (adapted from the original @Caek_'s challenge).

Changing around text with citations - 300 entries

Based off of something I saw on reddit

Poorly indented Python comments - 1133 entries

Fix the alignment of some Python comments as quickly as possible.

Many duplicates - 1184 entries

Quick and easy

2 quick changes and a numbered list - 563 entries

The ascii will not be lost, but rather numbered in 4 digit blocks with leading zeros.

delete swap - 1440 entries

delete all swap

Generate a very basic Python constructor (fixed) - 1152 entries

Original by @BiddulphCaleb ( - had some extra spaces in output file.

Fix the shell script! - 2047 entries

Fix the shell script with the fewest keystrokes!

Visual block training - 949 entries

You see the input. You see the output. Go.

Innocent Monster - 155 entries

You have the tools, just create him!

Put a newline after every 10 lines in vim - 1543 entries

Goal is to put a newline after every 10 lines in vim.

Java to JavaScript - 253 entries

Let convert some simple Java file to JavaScript!

Wikitext headings to markdown - 939 entries

Convert the wikitext headings to markdown.

hello-world-vimgolf - 2287 entries

Simple number generation

Contribute to keyboard mashing - 806 entries

Speak in tongues

Reordering Lorem Ipsum - 231 entries

Who even sorted this?

Solve anagram with ASCII letters - 34 entries

ASCII created by TOIlet command

Fill in the chess board - 886 entries

Fill in the name of each square using its file (a-h) and rank (1-8).

Learn to ask for :help - 507 entries

Learn to use the help to reduce your strokes...

Plotting some variables in python - 1531 entries

4 sets of (x,y) variables to plot. Just increment the numbers! Well, let's change the colors of the lines as well. Oh and we meant to plot the absolute values of course.

Transpose a python matrix - 823 entries

Rotate the matrix in 90 degrees.

Create a diamond comment - 301 entries

Encapsulate the text in a diamond pattern.

Lowercase first characters - 455 entries

This is the (abridged) input for Day 3 in Advent of Code 2019. The output is a format more suitable for Prolog programming: the two lines of input become two lists of pairs, joined together in a wires functor.

Make list of numbers from 1 to 30 more compact, but more confusing - 87 entries

Change the naming logic of numbers to end up with less lines.

Write Hello World in the 'i use arch btw' -programming language - 30 entries

> "I use Arch btw" is an esoteric programming language based on Brainfuck in which the Brainfuck commands have been replaced with the following keywords: i, use, arch, linux, btw, by, the, way.

Migrated to Postgres! - 296 entries

Celebration completion of this project.

Increment number for every 10 lines - 212 entries

The file consists of 2 columns (code and percentage). We need to add 2 more columns with increasing number for 4th column (Xcols) and increment 3rd column (Ycols) only for every 10 lines with reset of 4th column

simple replacements - 1479 entries

The goal is to see the replacement commands in action.

Inverting Lines - 1772 entries

A simple challenge to invert all lines, except the first.

CSV to MD format - 372 entries

To convert a CSV list to Markdown list

Generate a very basic Python constructor - 307 entries

I actually needed to do this myself, so I look forward to learning how.

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