Real Vim ninjas count every keystroke - do you?

Pick a challenge, fire up Vim, and show us what you got.

Changelog, Rules & FAQ, updates: @vimgolf, RSS.

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$ gem install vimgolf
$ vimgolf setup
$ vimgolf put [challenge ID]

Changelog (details)


  1. Anyone can create a new challenge
  2. Creator of the challenge is also the moderator: can view/delete solutions
  3. Players can submit as many attempts as they want per challenge
  4. Entries are ranked by score (lowest wins), ties broken by time
  5. VimGolf initializes your Vim with a custom .vimrc - no custom modifications
  6. No plugins, predefined macros, etc, are allowed - level playing field
  7. Refrain from copy/paste, reading in the solution (:read), or using external tools
  8. Cheaters will be publicly ridiculed by fellow golfers :-)

Note: We're definitely not trying to discourage Vim users from customizing their .vimrc's, defining useful macros or loading external plugins. Having said that, to have a fair competition, we need to level the playing field, and to do that, we're sticking to the basics.


  1. How do I view the solutions? Submit your own to unlock them.
  2. Can I see all the solutions? You'll have to climb the ladder - practice makes perfect.
  3. I found a cheat entry! Ping one of the moderators on IRC or twitter!
  4. What about feature X? Check the Github link in the sidebar, or hop on IRC!

Resources for learning Vim

VimGolf's .vimrc

Comments / discussions on the vimrc

Setup Tips & Tricks

Windows users: To compete you will need to make sure that you can launch "vim" from your command prompt. .

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