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Played Challenges

Add links to an existing HTML table - 77 entries

Add these links at that top to the respective table cell. First link, first cell, etc.

  • Best score: 42
  • Best player score: 57
  • Position: #18 / 29
  • Number of attempts: 1
SFD-ROC: vimvimvim - 1581 entries

Oh no, this line is longer than 80 chars... put each 'vim' on a new line.

  • Best score: 8
  • Best player score: 8
  • Position: #10 / 439
  • Number of attempts: 3

Contributed Challenges

Presidential Sorting - 48 entries

Given a nice CSV formatted arrangement of the Presidents of the United States, we need to print out an alphabetical list in pretty columns. Prove that vim can conquer this basic Excel task!

James Tomasino

reading, writing, arithmetic

entered into 2 challenges

contributed 1 challenges