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PHP Array Syntax -> MailChimp Merge Syntax

I recently needed to send an e-mail to our marketing department listing allowed merge tags for our MailChimp campaigns. The allowed merge tags were determined from a PHP array in one of our PHP classes. I transformed the PHP class to MailChimp's syntax and sent the e-mail. It was, however, a long, laborious process. I'm still fairly new to Vim and would love to see how an expert Vim user would tackle one of my own, real-world problems. Thanks and have fun!

Start file
$allowed = array("PIN", "Prefix", "LastName", "FirstName", "MiddleName", 
  "Address1", "Address2", "City", "State", "Zip", "Country", "phone", "mobile",
  "Email", "MothersMaiden", "security1_id", "security1_answer", 
  "security2_id", "security2_answer", "BirthDate", 
  "flag1", "DriversLicense", "gender");
End file

View Diff

< $allowed = array("PIN", "Prefix", "LastName", "FirstName", "MiddleName", 
<   "Address1", "Address2", "City", "State", "Zip", "Country", "phone", "mobile",
<   "Email", "MothersMaiden", "security1_id", "security1_answer", 
<   "security2_id", "security2_answer", "BirthDate", 
<   "flag1", "DriversLicense", "gender");
> *|PIN|*
> *|Prefix|*
> *|LastName|*
> *|FirstName|*
> *|MiddleName|*
> *|Address1|*
> *|Address2|*
> *|City|*
> *|State|*
> *|Zip|*
> *|Country|*
> *|phone|*
> *|mobile|*
> *|Email|*
> *|MothersMaiden|*
> *|security1_id|*
> *|security1_answer|*
> *|security2_id|*
> *|security2_answer|*
> *|BirthDate|*
> *|flag1|*
> *|DriversLicense|*
> *|gender|*

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