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$ gem install vimgolf
$ vimgolf setup
$ vimgolf put 52222f6ea98cbe0002000078

Letter case trickery

This file is in a downright esoteric format, consisting of hexadecimal numbers, non-hexadecimal keywords, and "Z" indicating end-of-line. Make the hexadecimal numbers lowercase.

Start file
2B A9 NE F2Z
End file
a4e SUM 3c0Z
2b a9 NE f2Z

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< A4E SUM 3C0Z
< 2B A9 NE F2Z
> a4e SUM 3c0Z
> 2b a9 NE f2Z

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Solutions by @BokmanGeorg:
#167 - Georg Bökman / @BokmanGeorg

07/06/2021 at 01:32PM

#>287 - Georg Bökman / @BokmanGeorg

07/06/2021 at 01:15PM