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Acute accents

Featuring all 17 lowercase letters with an acute accent digraph. Find a way to automate the digraphs.

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Wacky zeroing plums. I considered anagramming, but decided against it.

I don't *think* this challenge is that hard. I have 18.

m and n make different chars if you reverse the digraph order.

Kind of the opposite of "Remove Accent off the Letter". Of course, the actual
opposite would be R/S/C and enter the letters in insert mode. And of course
there's no real-world reason to add accents this way. There's potential for
some nasty challenges using this as a hidden pattern that make hidden rot-13
seem tame.

Here's proof you can submit whatever you want in the diff file. Did you read
this? Do you ever press the Show Diff button? Let me know!

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Created by: @udioica

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Solutions by @zulolosi:
#6 - Petro Тrouq / @zulolosi

10/02/2014 at 10:47PM