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$ gem install vimgolf
$ vimgolf setup
$ vimgolf put 5518cd2bfb03aa1d9402a6a3

Fix the XML

The challenge consists in having a valid xml from an incomplete source.

Start file
End file

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<         <xml>hello
<         <files>files
>         <xml>hello</xml>
>         <files>files</files>
<         <xml>xml
<         <files>world
>         <xml>xml</xml>
>         <files>world</files>

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Created by: @leo_luz

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Solutions by @OlivierSwift:
#194 - Olivier Debon / @OlivierSwift

04/02/2015 at 01:23PM

#>244 - Olivier Debon / @OlivierSwift

04/02/2015 at 12:53PM