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Making 3 line function a one liner.

Simple challenge for frequent action while programming.

Start file
Pixel *operator[](Position p) {
    return &pixels[p.getc()][p.getr()];
End file
Pixel *operator[](Position p) { return &pixels[p.getc()][p.getr()]; }

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< Pixel *operator[](Position p) {
<     return &pixels[p.getc()][p.getr()];
< }
> Pixel *operator[](Position p) { return &pixels[p.getc()][p.getr()]; }

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Created by: @fedjagolf

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Solutions by @PauliTaipale:
#97 - Pauli Taipale / @PauliTaipale

07/07/2022 at 11:59PM