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Open VimGolf challenges

calculations - 262 entries

Complete these (weird) calculations.

citizen_hacks_2019_part9 - 24 entries

For the Citizen Hacks 2019 Vim competition

citizen_hacks_2019_part6 - 20 entries

For the Citizen Hacks 2019 Vim competition

citizen_hacks_2019_part5 - 17 entries

For the Citizen Hacks 2019 Vim competition

citizen_hacks_2019_part4 - 12 entries

For the Citizen Hacks 2019 Vim competition

citizen_hacks_2019_part3 - 15 entries

For the Citizen Hacks 2019 Vim competition

citizen_hacks_2019_part2 - 18 entries

For the Citizen Hacks 2019 Vim competition

citizen_hacks_2019_part1 - 36 entries

For the Citizen Hacks 2019 Vim competition

citizen_hacks_2019_challenge6 - 58 entries

For the Citizen Hacks 2019 Vim competition.

citizen_hacks_2019_challenge5 - 135 entries

For the Citizen Hacks 2019 Vim competition.

citizen_hacks_2019_challenge4 - 87 entries

For the Citizen Hacks 2019 Vim competition.

citizen_hacks_2019_challenge3 - 34 entries

For the Citizen Hacks 2019 Vim competition.

citizen_hacks_2019_challenge2 - 188 entries

For the Citizen Hacks 2019 Vim competition.

citizen_hacks_2019_challenge1 - 47 entries

For the Citizen Hacks 2019 Vim competition

Add string initializers to an enum - 851 entries

Change Typescript enum so that it has string initializers.

Extract wireshark capture filter - 198 entries

Extract wireshark capture filter from IP plan

Label grid cells (6x6) - 45 entries

Label the cells of a grid with its coordinates. Rows are labelled top to bottom from A to F, and columns left to right from A to F. Each cell has a coordinate MN, where M is the row letter and N is the column letter.

ASCII-art Histogram - 310 entries

Create an ASCCI-art histogram for the given numbers. Make sure not to leave trailing whitespaces. Thanks to VimGolf I recently discovered a feature of Vim thAT blew my mind. I'm curious to see what real ninjas make of it ;-)

Reformat Cura settings - 112 entries

Cura settings are weirdly encoded... After mere replacements, you'll have to enquote two strings (infill_pattern & speed_travel) and dont forget booleans in lowercase. #format #json

Unsemantic linewrapping - 874 entries

[Inspired by a blog post I read: Text adapted.] Sometimes when editing a Markdown file, I wrap the lines semantically. Instead of inserting a newline at 70 columns (or whatever), or making paragraphs one long line, I put in newlines at a point that seems logical to me. This may seem silly, but it produces better diffs. Semantic linewrapping also makes editing snappier. I can delete, edit or insert sentences easily using linewise operations. Code-oriented text editors like Vim and [REDACTED] are really good at this kind of manipulation. Editing text that hasn't been wrapped semantically is a pain, though:

Song Transcription Oops - 234 entries

When transcribing vocal music to Canjo Tab you can start by finding the lowest note and assigning that to zero and working your way up from there. However, without fail, I tend to miscount the notes and when I am near done I find a lower note. I mark this with a "z". This means I have to increase all the previous ones by 1. just a sting of numbers :)

Bad Copy Syntax - 1971 entries

Copy should be from right to left, but sometimes you type it wrong.

change parenthesis - 278 entries

change the pair of braces into a pair of parentheses

Hash staircase - 48 entries

Can you use a strategy to come up with this pattern?

Remove quotes after first field - 343 entries

Remove the quotes around each field except for the first field.

If-then-else regexp - 43 entries

Rules: - golf is never following golf - vim comes first! Drawing a finite-state machine diagram could help. #regexp

Tables, Functions, Sprocs - 125 entries

In order to load some scripts into my database in the correct order I need to load tables first (t_), then functions (fn_), then stored procedures (sp_). The order of the t_ lines and the order of the sp_ lines should also match. Reorder the lines so they will load correctly.

Simple Maths 2 - 28 entries

Time to practice expression register! #maths #linear

Rule 110 - 35 entries

Compute the next 5 iterations of Rule 110 with the given starting state.

Join 'em - 244 entries

This shouldn't be too tough

Around the clock - 188 entries

You'll want to use 2 special commands to complete this. If you haven't yet, read through 'input.txt', especially :help simple-changes

Reorder the groups - 1129 entries

Change the order so that the groups of fruit come before the vegetables.

Add semicolons - 10764 entries

Simply add a semicolon at the end of each line

html paragraph to table - 590 entries

reformat html paragraph to table

ninja substitution - 1368 entries

How can you reuse a previous substitution ?

[Real World] PHP To Markdown - 25 entries

Fun refactoring I had to do in the real world. This presents several challenges: - How to create a table that fits the informations exactly - How to keep track of two informations per line while doing the refactoring - Generate the link from the actual text Have fun!

Resort and deup a CSV list - 142 entries

I'm always adding items to a sorted list. There has to be a better way dedup and resort the lists. There are multiple lists with varying lengths to discourage manual sorting. Also Australia's animals are weird.

Pascal's Triangle - 34 entries

Generate the first 17 left-justified rows of Pascal's triangle.

Triangular Numbers - 90 entries

Generate the first 50 triangular numbers.

Kolakoski sequence -- level 2 - 10 entries

This time, the line above describes the line below. Level 1 at:

Convert Application Output to CSV - 187 entries

Change the application output to comma-separated values

Two pairs of cluster of letters creates word - 731 entries

Clean and group.

Kolakoski sequence -- level 1 - 57 entries

Generate the Kolakoski sequence as described by its first 75 terms.

Cool or not? - 782 entries

abc trying to be cool or not...

Letterbox - 91 entries

Make a box!

The D a n k Side of the Moon - 41 entries

You're making a vaporwave cover of The Dark Side of the Moon. So for the tracklisting, you want to: 1. Change the track names to v a p o r c a s e 2. Double the track lengths (since you're slowing them down). Well... let's just double the minutes.

Box it - 7798 entries

Create a box around a line.

Flip the bit - 119 entries

Change the specific 0 to a 1.

snowflake fractal - 40 entries

From step 0 to step 3 of a fractal

Increment each number - 977 entries

Increment each number individually by one

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